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Core Competency
Total Production Process to Customerization Service.
One stop services.
Product design, development and manufacturing.
From products to components, from design to testing requirements to mass production, we actively communicate with customers to achieve optimal results. Link Upon can develop special machinery required for production, and challenge innovation to improve production efficiency.
Compounding and selection of plastic materials.
Link Upon has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in plastic composite molding, and can quickly and effectively recommend suitable materials to help customers achieve their tasks.
Testing Equipment
Ensuring reliability and compliance with standards is fundamental for upholding superior product quality. Reliable technical testing is employed to assess the quality and integrity of our products and raw materials, leading to reduced risks.
Melting Point Apparatus
Universal Testing System
Thermal Shock Tester
Impact Tester
Wear Resistance Tester
Humidity Chamber
2.5 Dimension Measurement System
3D Image Dimension Measurement System"
Auto-Optical Inspection
Digital Microscope


Portable Measuring Surface Roughness Instrument


Height Gauge


Handy Force Gauge



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