Plastic Screws RENY 

Material name

Material name : Reny (High-Performance Polyamide MXD6 resin)

Material Overview

RENY is a crystalline thermoplastic polymer. It is a proprietary molding compound based on mainly polyamide MXD6, reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber or special minerals. Reny generally has superior mechanical strength and modulus compared with other engineering plastics.

Beneficial Properties

  • Excellent mechanical strength and modulus over a wide range of temperatures
  • Superior to commodity polyamides in dimensional stability and mechanical strength due to low water absorption
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient, equivalent to that of metal alloys
  • Highly resistant to oils and organic solvents
  • Low mold shrinkage and low warpage


For metal substitution applications, including automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, and construction.