One-color injection fancy eraser

■ Earser

Our erasers material are NON-PVC, NON-TOXIC and latex-free which are friendly to the environment and hi-clean. There are various shapes for choosing and we also welcome OEM/ODM orders.

Safety report of ASTM-D4236, EN71 PART3, PART 9 and LHAMA certified certifications are available upon request.

i Eraser

Inspiration came from ancient secure seal.
Stylish & Fun. Have you got one yet?

Eco-caterpillar Eraser

Easy to hold & erase, create more fun around you!

Sea World Stick Eraser

Erase Mark cleanly, Sea world animal design, it can be used as a pencil topper.

P'kin king Jack Eraser

Halloween pumpkin shape, adorable design, 4 funny faces, start your collection now!

Go Eraser

“GO” game pieces made of eraser. Multi-function products.

Left & Right Eraser

Ergo-design is suitable for both left and right handers. Perfect shape to hold with ease.

Cap Eraser

Available in scented, such as Apple, Banana, Strawberry, Grape, Watermelon… etc.

Wild Animal Eraser

4 different shapes – Lion, Elephant, Rhino and Gorilla.

Dinosaurs 8 Crayons + 4 Erasers

There are 12 different dinosaurs designs assorted.
A great gift for Children.

Sea World Fancy Eraser

8 different shapes – Sea-star, Crab, Angelfish, Sea turtle, Sea horse, Lobster, Scallop and Flatfish.

Pencil topper

House, torch, seashell and ball toppers for choosing.

Zookeeper Eraser

8 different animals. Make your pencil case becomes a small zoo.

Dinosaur Eraser

Dinosaur eraser type I, type II, type III for choosing.

The Prehistoric Fancy Eraser

Cheerful and Adorable design catches little boy and girls eyes at first sight Various characters -Moa-Zai,A-Li,Kuai-Ke,Xiao-Xin,Fei-Fei,Xia-Tian,Qiu-Qiu,Bao-Ya.
The prehistoric fancy eraser has hi-clean ability that children don’t need to worry about making mistakes while learning because they can erase it easily with their prehistoric friends.
The best of all is that all our materials are Non –Toxic, NON-PVC, Latex free and conform to ASTM-D4236 standard.
We insist to offer safe products only that you can buy and use this product contentedly.