Plastic Screws mPA GF5 

Material name

Material name : mPA GF5 (modified Nylon with 50% glass fiber reinforced)

Material Overview

mPA GF5 is a heat resistant, modified polyamide (Nylon) with a high melting point (320°C) and a rigidity level comparable to super engineering plastics, it possesses strong dimensional stability and chemical resistance. In addition, the effect of water absorption, which is a traditional weakness of polyamides, has been improved and reduced to a minimum.

Beneficial Properties

  • High temperature rigidity – Due to its high glass transition point (125°C), mPA GF5 can retain high rigidity even in a high-temperature atmosphere, such as the inside of an engine room.
  • Heat Resistant
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Chemical Resistance – demonstrating the best chemical resistance of all polyamide resins.


  • Power plant (high voltage transformer box fixture)
  • Automobiles, Motorcycle, and other transportation industry
  • General & Precision machinery
  • Electrical and electronic equipments
  • Construction material