Conductive Plastic Screw (Static Control Material)

Material name

Material name : Conductive Plastic Screw (Static Control Material)

Material Overview

Engineering plastics are very good insulators with surface resistance values in the range 1014 to 1018 in base resins. Increased conductivity is often input to plastics by adding conductive carbon fibers. Link Upon in house compounding facilities are able to make surface resistance values from conductive composites to anti-static materials range.

Beneficial Properties

  • Conductive plastic: surface resistance of less than 1 x 105 ohms/square.
  • Dissipative plastic: surface resistance of more than 1 x 105 ohms/square but less than 1 x1011 ohms/square.
  • Anti-static materials are generally referred to as any material which inhibits triboelectric charging. This kind of charging is the buildup of an electric charge by the rubbing or contact with another material.
  • An insulative material is one that has a surface resistance of greater than 1 x 1012 ohms/square.


  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Automotive electrical/electronic
  • Oil and gas process equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Food machinery