Functional material

The agent products of the Functional Material Division are listed as below: Mitsui Chemicals’ ARLEN(PA-6T), AURUM(TPI), TPX, PES, LUBMER(UHMWPE), APEL(m-COC), HI-ZEX Million, MIPELON, DIC’s PPS, WOTE’s LCP and Solvay’s Ketaspire PEEK and Avaspire PAEK series.

These materials are widely applied in electronic connectors, optoelectronics industry (TFT-LCD, LED, LENS, SENSOR), semiconductor industry (Wafer or equipment parts, IC test socket), pneumatic power tools and textile equipments.

LINKUPON provides not only a business team in Taiwan HQ also builds up several service locations in China Kunshan and Dongguan.

In addition to plentiful experiences in variety of plastic materials, LINKUPON assists customers in product design, mold design and provides service of injection and plastic machining.

Product introduction