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The Green Dream of the Founders

The founders of Link Upon have always had a passion for flowers, plants, and trees. Their dream has been to integrate the beauty of nature into daily life. In Taiwan Wanli, Jinshan, they realized this green dream by creating a green space spanning over 2,000 square meters. This space is not just a garden but also a lively and thriving ecosystem. 

Entering this green space, one is greeted by a variety of plants including Chinese junipers, black pines, larches, maples, camphor trees, plum trees, orange trees, tea oil trees, cherry blossoms, Chinese yews, osmanthus trees, camellias, incense trees, wild peonies, and wisteria. Each tree is the result of the founders' hard work and dedication and care over the years, reflecting their love and reverence for nature.

Apart from plants, the creatures in the ponds are also part of it. Various creatures such as California bass, grass carps, and turtles swim freely in the water. Together, those little animals and plants form the integrity of this ecosystem.

The founders' green dream not only presents us with a beautiful home where we can appreciate the trees as well as the forest but also inspires us to contribute to the future of our planet. Let's all enter this green dream together and create a beautiful future where humans and nature live together in harmony.


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