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UHMWPE Laminated Sheet

UPE Laminated sheet is comprised of layers of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and synthetic rubber. This sheet is developed for lining, using UPE / UHMWPE as a base, and adhesived with synthetic rubber that prevents UHMWPE sheet from damaged.

Material Description :


Wear-resistant, Impact-resistant, Self-lubricating, Non-adhesive :
Since the surface is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, it can maintain the characteristics of abrasion resistance, impact resistance, self-lubrication, and non-adhesion. Combined with the softness of synthetic rubber, it can be used in various conditions.

Bendable :
It has good bending properties and is easy to use for curved surface processing.

Shock Absorption :
Rubber is one of the basic materials for lamination. Its elasticity can not only absorb impact force, but also improve the effect of noise prevention. Moreover, it also has a remarkable effect on the protection of the materials used and the surrounding equipment.

Good Bondability :
General construction is easy due to the good bondability of the raw material.

Easy to Process :
Cutting can be done with general cutting machines and tools (knives, circular saws, wire saws, cutting machines). It is recommended to use the most convenient processing machine among "cutting tools for woodworking".

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