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Choosing the Right Materials: An introduction of Engineering-Plastic-Parts Applied in 5G mobile network Device.

As the 5G era unfolds, the need for higher transmission speeds escalates and components for transmission devices must possess low dielectric properties to ensure signal stability and integrity. This piece outlines the significance of low-dielectric materials.

Dielectric Constant and 5G:

5G boasts transmission rates of up to 10Gb per second. However, 5G signals are vulnerable and can easily suffer interference, as they can be blocked or diffused by physical objects more easily compared to other waves. Therefore, components for 5G devices must minimize interference and signal loss, making low-dielectric materials crucial for its functioning.

Choosing components with minimal dielectric interference is essential in high-speed communications. Materials like PEEK, PMP, and PTFE offer excellent dielectric properties, enhancing signal transmission efficiency and minimizing interference and noise effects.

PEEK, PMP, and PTFE are widely used in high-frequency communication products for their low dielectric interference. They reduce signal attenuation, enhance communication quality, and improve system reliability and performance, especially in high-temperature environments.

Introduction of PEEK, PMP, and PTFE:

PEEK is an engineering plastic known for its high-temperature resistance and chemical resistance. It has excellent mechanical properties and low dielectric characteristics, making it widely used in high-frequency communication products such as connectors, guiding components, and even in electronic testing devices.

PMP is a polymer with excellent dielectric properties and heat resistance. It is extensively applied in products like high-frequency cables, antennas, and microwave components to enhance signal transmission speed and quality.

PTFE, with its low dielectric constant and low loss characteristics, exhibits outstanding chemical stability and heat resistance. Extensive usage in high-frequency communication products is found such as microwave waveguides, antennas, and couplers to reduce signal attenuation and improve communication efficiency.

Dielectric Constant Table:


Applications in High-frequency communications

HF Connectors: PMP/PEEK/PTFE

HF test-kit and fasteners: PEEK/PMP  (further reading: PMP-Made Fasteners)


In high-frequency communication devices, selecting components made of materials such as PEEK, PMP, and PTFE with low dielectric constants reduces signal loss, ensuring better quality. Components with low dielectric interference minimize external noise effects, improving system stability. Considering the points mentioned above, these materials enhance performance and reliability, which is crucial for high-frequency communication products, especially in high-temperature environments.

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