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Embark on a creative art exploration with Link Upon crayons

Link Upon was established in June 1989, and we are specializing in engineering plastic applications, drawing and writing materials, material compounding, and functional materials.

Crayons are the main signature products in our Drawing & Writing Materials range, our Brand Philosophy:
1. Environmental Expertise: Link Upon is committed to producing eco-friendly products, prioritizing environmental responsibility.  We insist on using non-toxic materials to ensure product safety without causing harm to the Earth.
2. Innovative Technology: With 30+ years of production expertise, we consistently innovate in manufacturing. Through advanced processes and materials, we guarantee our crayons achieve premium quality and performance.
3. Safety First: Our crayons meet stringent standards, e.g. European Toy Safety Standard EN71-3 and U.S. ASTM-D4236, certified with the AP Non-Toxic Seal, we guarantee user health and safety during creative activities.

Link Upon is a reliable brand in the art world, known for our strong material technical background and commitment to the environment.  We offer outstanding creative tools, making it a top choice for artists and art enthusiasts.

Crayon Story  
Crayons have been around since the early 19th century.  The first crayons were a mix of beeswax and pigments, making them a bit on the hard side compared to the soft crayons we know today.  
As time rolled on, crayons evolved big time.  The color options went from just a few to a crazy amount—, dozens, even hundreds of shades to choose from!  They also got a tech upgrade, making them easier to color with, softer for smoother drawing, and boosting the intensity of the colors.  
Now, crayons are not just the regular ones; we offer oil pastels, watercolor crayons, and all sorts of options to meet every artist's creative vibe! 

Crayon features
1. Vibrant Colors:  Offers a lively range of bright, saturated colors for vivid artworks.
2. Easy Blending:  Colors seamlessly blend on paper or canvas, allowing for unique tones and shading.
3. Versatility:  Suitable for various painting mediums, such as paper, fabric, or wood.
4. User-Friendly:  Solid and firm, easy to grip and paint with.

During drawing, crayons showcase unique textures and effects, making them widely preferred for their ease of use and versatile applications. Suitable for all age groups, including children and adults, crayons emerge as an ideal choice for drawing beginners.

How to Pick the Right Crayons for Your Art - Types of Crayons

Crayons are like a colorful playground for your creativity, offering tons of options to make your artwork stand out! Before you jump in, let's explore the various types of crayons to guide you in making the perfect choice:

Oil Pastels: Think of these as the rockstars of crayons. They are soft, smooth, and perfect for quick and easy coloring. Loved by both kids and beginners because of their vibrant colors and user-friendly vibe.

Plastic Crayons: These crayons are like the sturdy workhorses. They are made of plastic, so they are tough and not easy to break. You can even sharpen them for fine details, just like you would with a pencil. Plus, they come with an eraser vibe, giving you the power to experiment with different effects.

Watercolor Crayons: Picture these as the cool kids who can do it all. You can use them like regular crayons for that classic look, or grab a brush and add some water for a mild, watercolor feel. They are like the chameleons of the crayon world, giving you endless creative possibilities.

So, each crayon type brings its own flavor to the party, allowing you to express yourself freely, and craft the art as unique as you are!

Choosing Reputable Brand Crayon among manufacturers
There are lots of crayon brands out there, and what is in the crayons, or whether people like the brand's ideas will affect their buying decision. Choosing a safe formula that is non-toxic and free from harmful substances like heavy metals, as well as opting for products from brand manufacturers that prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness, you will contribute to environmental protection and assurance of user health. While you are picking crayons, you can check the maker’s website or what they say about the crayons to know if they care about the environment and have the right certificates.
By delving into the various types, brands, and drawing effects of crayons, you will be able to find the perfect crayon for your unique artistic masterpieces.

Link Upon offers consumers a diverse selection of crayons, including oil pastels, plastic crayons, and watercolor crayons, catering to various creative needs. Among our plastic crayons, there are not only traditional stick shapes or rectangular forms, but also various lovely and playful shapes, enriching the possibilities for artistic expression.

The Connection Between Drawing and Healing
Drawing and Healing go hand in hand, bringing a chill vibe to various aspects:

Emotional Expression:
Drawing is like emotional emojis with a paintbrush. It is a way to spill your feelings onto the canvas, let your emotions flow out freely.

Mind Relaxation:
Getting creative, especially through drawing, helps you relax and kick stress to the curb. It is like a mini vacation for your mind, bringing calm vibes and chillaxation.

Color Therapy:
Colors are not just pretty; they are like mood magic! Picking and using specific hues is a cool way to create your own therapy session. Some colors are like happiness boosters, while others bring on the chill.

Flow of Creativity:
Drawing will let your imagination run wild, shift your focus and get you into that groovy creative flow. It is like a mental escape, helping you leave daily hassles behind and find your peaceful zone.

Artistic Enjoyment:
Mixing colors and shapes is like creating a visual masterpiece. Admiring your own artwork becomes a self-esteem party, boosting happy vibes and good feelings.

Drawing is not just about making art; it is a laid-back therapy session where you spill your emotions, shake off stress, and have a blast creating. It is like a happy pill for your mind, making relaxation a breeze!

Welcome to Link Upon Drawing Tutorial

This drawing material video took us nearly six months to complete the job, started from conceiving, planning, video shooting, and then the video editing. We went back and forth numerous times to tweak every frame and perfect every detail, all to bring you the best show! We even teamed up with a drawing pro for a special "Drawing Tutorial" section, even if you are a total beginner, you are welcome to join us and effortlessly create your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

Now, we have got these amazing crayons in our Drawing Tutorial; they are not just your average coloring buddies, we are talking about three crayon stars that can turn your doodles really eye-catching! 

Oil Pastels: Picture this – a stroke that is so unique, you can go all circular or straight up linear. It is like bringing that oil painting vibe to your drawings and your artwork is about to level up with this crayon magic!

Watercolor Crayons: Get ready for a watercolor party! Dip your brush in water, pick up that crayon color, or be bold and go straight to the paper. Now, blend it like a pro! These crayons give you dreamy, soft hues that are perfect for those large-scale projects. Pro tip: Hit them up on textured or thick watercolor paper for that extra wow factor!

Square-shaped Crayons: Now, here comes the cool kids on the block – our square-shaped crayons! They come in this nifty reusable pouch because we are all about that eco-friendly vibe. The square shape is like your secret weapon for detailed lines and precision outlining. Need to color a big area? Just flip that crayon and watch the colors flow. The grip is comfy, and guess what? These kids don't break easily. Plus, the colors? Oh, they are vibrant and smooth like cream!

Hey, are you ready for crayon adventures? Click the video below to join our Drawing Tutorial! whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting out, we aim to spark your hidden creative spirit. Let’s enjoy the drawing and explore the magical world of colors!

Hidden Easter Egg

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Why is that?

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